Costa Rica Honey Finca Angelina


Region: Los Robles de Naranjo, West Valley

Costa Rica

Varietals: Villa Sarchi

Altitude: 1450-1500m

Harvest: Jan-Mar

The Aguilera Brothers

Farm: Finca Angelina

Flavor: sweet | big caramel and chocolate | floral

STORY: The Aguilera Brothers, a family of 12 brothers and sisters, worked together to produce this Costa Rica Honey Finca Angelina. As second-generation coffee growers they work on the farm that their father planted some 70 years ago. Thanks to their earnings from a fourth-place Cup of Excellence win in 2007, the Aguileras installed a micromill in 2009. Before they had the mill the family was selling its coffee to a local co-operative and did not have any connection with the roasters who bought the lots. Now they get feedback on the coffee and information how they can make it better.Coffee was planted in Costa Rica in the late 1700s, and it was the first Central American country to have a fully established coffee industry. Although Costa Rica contributes less than 1% of the world’s coffee production, it has a strong reputation for producing relatively good, if often mild quality. One way that Costa Rica has hoped to differentiate itself among coffee-growing nations is through the diversity of profiles in its growing regions, despite the country‚Äôs relatively small geographical size.