Colombia Huila- Finca Los Arboles -Pitalito

Roaster: Bloom Coffee Roasters

Region: Huila

Farm(er): Farm: El Tabor; Farmer: Julio Alberto Munoz

Varietal: Castillo, Bourbon, Caturra

Altitude: 1850 meters

Processing: Washed

Tasting: Big green grape, Sugared Lemon Flavor, Rich Sweetness, Tart Fruit Acidity, Heavy Creamy Mouthfeel

Back Story:

This coffee was the 2017 best cup award winner in Colombia.

‘There’s nothing quite like waking up to an open window on a crisp, cool sun-kissed morning. Let’s just say a coffee like this one is best paired with mornings just like this. Roll out of bed and start your day with this bright and vibrant offering from the highlands of the Huila region.’

Julio Alberto Muñoz inherited this farm in 1989 and introduced the Caturra variety to the already planted Colombia and Bourbon and dedicated the farm to producing exceptional coffee. Bloom Roasters is very glad he did, as this is one of the most intensely sweet, fruity and complex coffees that they have ever roasted from this region in Colombia.


Ethiopia Gelana Abaya

Roaster: Bloom Coffee Roasters

Region: Borena Zone

Farm(er): Wet Mills

Varietal: Typica

Altitude: 1800-2200 meters

Processing: Honey

Tasting: Blueberry, Lemon, Honey, Jasmine

Back Story:

This coffee represents all that is amazing with Ethiopian coffee.  It is a honey processed coffee, meaning that during the processing of the coffee cherry itself, they left some of the fruit on during the drying process. The drying process occurred under the sun on raised beds at wet mills.


Enjoy this fruit-packed tasting coffee.  It will make you automatically smile upon first sip!

Costa Rica Honey Finca Angelina

Roaster: Water Street Coffee

Region: Los Robles de Naranjo, West Valley

Farm(er): Finca Angelina owned by the Aguilera Brothers

Varietal: Villa Sarchi (this varietal is a dwarf mutation of Bourbon. It is shorter and more resistant to winds, performing much better on Costa Rica’s Mountainous slopes)

Altitude: 1450 meters

Processing: Honey Process

Tasting: Aroma: berry, toffee, red grape; Flavor: nutty, citrus fruit, floral, nuanced; Aciditiy: tart cranberry; Body: smooth, creamy

Back Story: 

In March of 2018, Seth Chapman, Water Street’s Roast Master, traveled to Costa Rica in an effort to source coffee and meet coffee producers in some of the country’s most famous coffee-growing regions. Many relationships were established, including one with the Aguilera Brothers, who own and operate a micro-mill in Costa Rica’s West Valley.

Despite difficulties with this year’s crop (late, heavy rains disrupted everything from harvesting to drying), the Aguilera Brothers persevered and produced many stunning coffees, including this honey coffee from Finca Angelina. In 2009 the Aguilera Brothers invested in a wet mill. This mill allows the brothers to perform and control every step of coffee processing, resulting in increased transparency, flexibility, and quality. This is Water Street’s third consecutive year working with the Aguilera Brothers, so the opportunity to visit and meet with the producers was thrilling!

Source: Seth Chapman, Water Street Roast Master