Colombia Las Joyas

Roaster: Creation Coffee  

Region: Aponte, Narino, Colombia  

Farm(er): Jair Pajimuy, Finca La Arada  

Varietal: Caturra  

Altitude: 2200m  

Processing: Honey  

Tasting: Candy Apple, Pink Lemonade, White Peach


Jair Pajimuy is the 35-year old owner and operator of Finca La Arada, a 2-hectare farm in Aponte. Jair got his start as a picker in different farms around the area and slowly (but steadily) saved up his money to invest in buying his own coffee farm. Though the land in Aponte is collectively owned, each member of the community has to invest into their own plot and owns the proceeds from the land. This lot from La Arada is predominantly Caturra, and comes from the 8,000 trees Jair currently has in production.