Jose Laris Membreno Honduras

Roaster: Hyperion    

Region: La Union, Honduras  

Farm(er):  Jose Laris Membreno  

Varietal: Red and Yellow Catuai  

Altitude: 1354 Meters     

Processing: Washed, Zero Defect Sorter  

Tasting: Peanut Butter, Graham Cracker, Chocolate, Honey Crisp Apple


 The beautiful, cascading mountainside of Laris’ farm is truly represented in the nuances of his latest coffee harvest. Complex, rich flavors touch the palate with the same intensity as the impossibly steep hillside it was grown on. The terrain is precarious, but the soil quality and unique micro-climate created by the angular mountain ridge make this cup of coffee truly unique. Laris is one of the warmest producers Hyperion has met in their travels and they are very proud to be working with him. The first year that they worked with him, they discussed drying on raised beds only to increase the quality and reduce defects caused by patio damage, animals, etc.  In their second year, Laris had built enclosed raised beds to gain more control with his drying methods as well as other ways to better sort the coffee through various methods of color, size and defects. On top of that Hyperion has since invested an extra $.25 a pound to get a ‘Zero Defect Sort’ at export. Year three they were able to work out a method where they could experiment with Natural process methods because of all the the increased quality control measures they have worked toward in previous years. Going forward they are hoping to work closer with Laris to refine the process and increase his export of defect free quality green coffee as well as further experiment with other ways to process coffee. Hyperion is proud to call Laris their biggest partner at origin and hope to continue this for the foreseeable future.     

Source: Hyperion Coffee