Nicaragua Don Sabino

Roaster:  Veoldrome Coffee Company  

Region: Jinotega, Nicaragua  

Farm(er): Don Sabino & Family; La Fuente  

  Varietal: Catuai  

Altitude: 1400 meters  

Processing: Natural  

Tasting: Candied Almond, Yellow Raisin, Ripe Peach


 This coffee comes from a farm Brice (co-owner of Velodrome) visited in Spring of 2017, located in the highlands of Jinotega, Nicaragua.  Don Sabino is a second d generation farmer and has been farming his entire life.  He started mostly farming root vegetables but started cultivating coffee with his father mostly as a hobby.  He and his father have worked with Gold Mountain Coffee Growers (the exporter) for a few years where he has implemented many new techniques and processes in order to increase quality.  Because of the increased premium he is able to receive for his high quality coffee, he has been able to farm coffee almost exclusively.    Source: Velodrome Coffee Co.