Peru “La Union”

Peru “La Union”

Origin Region
South America

Country of Origin

San Ignacio, Cajamarca

10 Small holder farms

Caturra & Typica

1800 meters above sea level

Fully washed & dried in a ‘carpa solar’


Tasting Notes
Red Grape, Apricot, Tea

Other Notes
This community lot consists of the very best production from 10 small producers from the small town of La Union de Chirinos, widely renowned as being one of the best areas for specialty coffee production due to its climatic conditions and high altitude. The 10 producers contributing to this lot have an average of 20 years of producing coffee in this privileged region of Peru. They are all committed, above all, to renewing old coffee plantations by planting varieties such as Typica and Caturra to improve cup quality.

The producers are members and clients of the newly formed ‘Finca Santuario SA’ – a small coffee business formed of numerous small farms that neighbour one another in Cajamarca Peru. Established in August of 2017, ‘Santuario’ members must have more than 20 years of coffee growing experience and must share a vision of improving the quality of their production. Although the participating farms are all small – around 5 hectares on average – the total land under coffee represented by the group is around 250 hectares in total, thus the productive potential is substantial.

Usually ‘Finca’ would refer to a single farm. In this case, the founders of Santuario have chosen the word as it is productive unit of the small producers with whom they work. Furthermore, by calling it ‘Finca’ in the singular, they emphasise that although the farms may be individually owned and operated, the goal of the group is the same as if they were one single farm. “Santuario/Sanctuary” refers to the fact that all the farms working as a group are in the buffer zone of the Tabaconas – Namballe National Sanctuary. This environmental placement is important to Finca Santuario SC as the company prioritises environmental conservation and biodiversity.