Victoria Arduino Black Eagle

The origin of coffee is traced to early 9th century Ethiopia. Differing accounts of the discovery include that of a Yemen mystic traveling in Ethiopia, a monastic order, as well as that of “Kaldhi” an Ethiopian goat herder who noticed “energizing” effects of his flock while nibbling on red berries of a particular type bush. While the exact discovery of coffee is uncertain, the emergence, transfer to Yemen, and the rest of Africa and then throughout the coffee growing regions of the world is well documented.

Notwithstanding the long history of the plant and drink, the art form of Espresso is compliments of our European brothers of Italy. Many believe espresso is a type of drink, while true today, it is actually tied to a method of brewing coffee. The invention of the espresso machine (1901) was solely a means to “express” or speed up the delivery of this favored drink. In 1905 a company by the name Victoria Arduiro was formed by Pier Teresio Arduino, an individual passionate about technology and the advancement of the Espresso machine. The early machines from this young company were quickly recognized throughout the world as the epitome of design, technology and quality.

The enclosed infamous poster, created by Italian artist and “marketer”, Leonetto Cappiello , was commissioned by Victoria Arduino, in 1922 to capture the art, form, and excellence of this new coffee methodology. This iconic poster epitomizes the emergence of the modern day Espresso Bar! While the espresso coffee bar has flourished in Europe for decades, the introduction to America is largely credited to a relatively new industry, “specialty coffee”, in the early 1980’s on the West coast.

Since this time, independent coffee houses, shops, and bars have worked collectively to enhance the specialty coffee experience: introducing new coffees from around the world, working to enhance the product from the local farms, reducing the supply chain distortions, fair and direct trade, and increasing roasting knowledge to bring to the market the best possible coffees.

Black Diesel Coffee was created specifically to build on this emerging specialty market, to increase the education and knowledge about coffee, to provide exceptional products, and to supply a comfortable setting to our local community.

We have partnered with some of the finest companies in the world, including Victoria Arduino, having the only “Black Eagle” espresso machine in the Midwest. We are dedicated green bean coffee importers, and small artesian roasters within our state, and community, to provide the finest hand crafted custom beverages.